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We took the base Ubuntu image and improved it with internal tweaks, handy utilities, extensions and updated drivers with Slimbook computers in mind until finally, Slimbook OS was born. It is now time to make it available for every computer. 

Slimbook OS has more customization features and its packaged with the best and most stable drivers and Kernel revisions. Keep on reading if you want to know more.Slimbook OS

Keyboard Navigation

Nothing beats keyboard productivity no matter if you are a sysadmin, developer or even a Linux newbie. We kept the usual shortcuts in place and brought you some new ones to ensure that you make the most out of your time and improve your productivity.


Window Tiling

Window tiling will up your worskspace management game up by few notches or even further if you happen to have a 2K or higher monitor. Window tiling will help you squeeze every pixel from your high resolution display. Give it a go and watch your work flow :)


Logo Demo
Logo Demo


File manager

The file manager is something that we have to deal with on a daily basis and we are concerned about the removal of features that some Linux distros are encouraging. We are taking the opposite direction and giving your file explorer all the handy features that you expect to work with your files.


Slimbook Battery

We couldn't leave one of our most easily recognizable apps out of the custom Slimbook OS build for laptops. If you have a laptop, remember to use our battery saving app to squeeze every bit of battery life. Remember that it will not be available in the generic build as desktops will not benefit from having it.


Slimbook Face


Slimbook Gestures


NVIDIA Graphics