Slimbook APPS

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Although we originally focused on developing apps for Slimbook computers, we decided that it would we cool to release them to the public and code them universally so they can be used even on computers from other brands. If you want to support the development of our apps but don't own an Slimbook computer, you can do so through our Patreon, Being a patron will give you special perks such as early access to updates, new releases and even some Linux related gifts. On the other hand, if you want to help out with your own source code, you can do so by joining the Slimbook Team and and contribute through our  Github.

Slimbook Battery 4 represents a significant advancement in controlling and optimizing the battery life of our laptops.

Slimbook Face is a biometric facial recognition app that uses your individual face traits for system-wide user authentication.

Slimbook Gestures allows you to use and customize several gesture based moves to perform system actions with your touchpad.

Slimbook Intel Controller gives you the ability to take control over your Intel Core based CPU performance levels.

Slimbook AMD Controller gives you the ability to take control over your AMD Ryzen based CPU performance levels.

Slimbook RGB Keyboard can customize your RGB backlit keyboard and light-bar with plenty of colors and effects.

Slimbook Makeup lets you customize your Linux distro desktop user interface with plenty of options to chose from.

Slimbook Service is a service to get desktop notifications from your device.