Why should you choose us?

Our mission is to offer a quality product at an affordable price, covering the area of ultrabooks or notebooks, which nowadays are very expensive.

Now we have also decided to launch a mini PC and a All-In-One as powerful as a desktop computer.

We are located in Spain and we have 10 years of experience in the sector. And, of course, we give (for individuals) 3-year warranty in Spain, 2-year warranty in Europe (for companies ask us).

You can see a video presentation in the University UNED to  learn more about us.

We could tell you that they are very light and fast, that their design and features are really interesting, that their components are top quality, and that we don't want you to buy us, we want you to choose us; but we are going to let you decide why. 

We also want you to know that they are assembled in our country, Spain, with all the love and components of the best brands.

Our products have 3 years warranty (for individuals) in Spain and 2 years in Europe (for companies, ask us). This means that if it suffers a manufacturing defect, we will pick it up at your home free of charge (only in our peninsula and Balearic Islands) and we will return it to you by the same way.

We have our own technical service in Spain, with is more than enough experienced with this laptop's electronics, and has also been authorized service for other top brands.

For Europe customers, the warranty would work like this: You'd send us the laptop, we'd proceed to repair it and send it back covering the cost for this last shipment.

At last, for outside Europe, the customer has to cover both shipments.

Of course, all our models can be upgraded.

If you are wondering if you can expand it yourself, the answer is yes, but with some nuances. Being so thin laptops do not have a cover for RAM, the bottom base is all one piece. Unfortunately we have encountered adventurous individuals who have opened the laptop and scratched a track with screwdrivers, so we prefer that you leave that job to us. Enlarge the laptop some time after having bought it is a service that we provide, and for which we only charge 30€, a figure much lower than other official technical services of other brands. Any change made to a Slimbook that has not been notified and authorized by the technical service can cause exempt damages and loss of warranty, so if you decide to extend it by yourself, you must take into account to previously notify to [email protected] so that they take note of the date and the reason for the opening and you can do so without incurring any breach of warranty.

It is also advisable to wait to make extensions after the first 15 days so that in case you decide to return the equipment because it does not meet any of your expectations, the process will be simpler.

Keep in mind also that the equipment is always sent with a minimum configuration of RAM and disk having been assembled and tested by us, if in those first days any component fails, we know that it has not been due to any improper manipulation on your part.

In all models (that support it) you can send us your secondary disk if you have it from an old computer and you want to take advantage of it. You will see the option when ordering.

No. For example, it is not possible to put the battery of a ProX 14 in a 15, as well as that of an Executive 14 in an Elemental 14, etc... Nor is it possible to change other hardware such as graphics, processor models, etc... The hardware will always be the one indicated in the informative pages of the products. The only thing that is configurable is what appears when ordering: hard disk, RAM memory, keyboard language, wifi card or operating system.

Yes, the truth is that throughout all this time we have found from independent bloggers who have bought our computers and liked them, they wanted to expose them in their blogs, to other digital media of important national importance, who have asked us to analyze our products without charging for it. If you want to take a look at both articles and videos of independent reviews, you can find them in the section <<Independent reviews>> in each product sheet.

The weight of the 14" Slimbook ProX is 1.1~ kg.

The weight of the 15" Slimbook ProX is 1.5~ kg.

The weight of Slimbook Executive 14" is 1.25 kg ~ kg.

The weight of Slimbook Executive 16" is 1.5 kg ~ kg.

Yes, if you want to install Windows together with Linux, all you have to do is place your order, selecting Windows as the operating system (choosing the license you want) and in the comments of the order indicate that you want a Dual Boot installation and indicating the other operating system you want to install (e.g. "Windows + Slimbook OS").

Yes, and although you will find many cases on the market for 13'3 and 15 inch laptops and they are valid for our models, we show you in our website some case selection totally perfect for your Slimbook.

In our shop you can find various accessories such as cables, adapters, mice, keyboards, keypads or dockings that will be very useful to complement your Slimbook.

You will also find a series of stickers to personalize your laptop and make you fall in love with it even more.

Visit our shop and discover all the things we have for you.

Yes there are, we offer spare parts of all kinds, to make repairs both in and out of warranty, or to buy what you need.

Besides the basics: CPU, solid state drives, RAM and wireless cards; we have: screens, batteries, chargers, aluminum housings, keyboards, flex cables, ... and other internal components, you can find them in the Spare parts area in our store (divided by models).

If you do not find something or if it is not available, do not hesitate to contact our sales department here.

Most of the time when you can not finalize the payment with credit card is for the daily limit that you have established or because you have not activated the 3D Secure. In any case you have to contact your bank and they will tell you with certainty that the payment with your credit card is failing.
Payment will also fail if your credit card belongs to an another country than your IP.

If you have made more than 2 failed card payment attempts, the security system will automatically refuse any other payment attempts you make during the next 24 hours. If your bank has solved the failure of your credit card, wait until the next day to redo your order or if you do not want to wait, make an order choosing "Bank Transfer" as payment method and proceed to pay with this method.

If you still have problems, do not hesitate to contact our sales department here.

Although our laptop's motherboard is manufactured in China (such as all brands), computers are completely assembled to your taste (with your RAM or your hard drive) in Spain. Employing people in our country who are specialized technicians.

The operating system is also installed by our technical team. An operating system, which if it's Linux, uses applications developed by our programmers, people also on our staff.

We invest in jobs for Spain and also pay taxes here, ranging from VAT on imports and sales to the income tax and the SS of workers.

We work with several transport agencies that are responsible for this task and delivery rates will be variable depending on the transport agency that performs it and the delivery address of the customer, so it will not be at a fixed price and the web will calculate the amount at the time of purchase.

Some aspects to be taken into account by the customer are:

** Shipments to the Canary Islands: The customer must pay the IGIC and customs charges upon receipt of the package.

** International shipments with customs clearance, may involve additional costs for the buyer, these tariffs and customs duties and / or taxes of the country of destination, must be paid by the recipient at the time of delivery, through the transport agency that acts as collector (and charges a small commission for it).

The amount of the same ones we cannot detail it, because it depends on the type of merchandise and the commercial agreements between the countries of origin and destination. This consultation can be made at the embassy or consulate of the country.

What do I do if my package arrives broken or damaged?

The first thing to do is to keep calm, comment that our shipments are insured and properly protected by the appropriate packaging material, unfortunately it may happen that a package arrives at its destination with some damage caused during the trip. Therefore it is necessary to take a few seconds to review the package when it is delivered to you and check its condition. If any damage is visible to the naked eye, it is necessary to specify it to the carrier so that the damage can be recorded on the delivery note.

The next thing to do is to take some pictures of the outside of the package before opening it, it is necessary to take a couple of pictures from every angle of the package, (top and bottom and both sides).

Then you should proceed to open the package carefully, (if you use a knife or similar, always with caution to avoid damaging the inner cardboard packaging or accessories that you have purchased and may be attached to the equipment box), also take a picture of the state of the inside of the package before removing the items.

Keep in mind that your shipment may arrive in several presentations, in addition to the outer protective cardboard box, you can take a black film packaging covering the outside, so you should also take pictures of the inside of the cardboard packaging where finally go your new computer.

Now you can take the computer out of its box and check its condition, taking pictures of all the damages you can see at first sight, as well as turn it on and test that it works properly (special emphasis on the screen and more fragile areas such as corners, touchpad, loose or broken keys, etc.).

With this, the only thing left to do is to notify us of the incident via e-mail to [email protected] commenting what happened and attaching all the photographic material, (you can use some of the previous mails where the order data such as order number, model and components, your data, etc..) remember that for obvious security reasons you must contact with commercial attention from the mail holder of the order, it is our way of confirming that we are talking to the recipient and owner of the equipment.

If you do not observe damages in the material, but it fails in its operation what it corresponds is to process its guarantee with [email protected].

If your distribution allows OEM installation (no user creation), when you turn on the computer create your user and password and configure your network.

In case your chosen distribution does not allow OEM installation, the user is slimbook and the password is slimbook, also if the root user is enabled your password is slimbook.

You can find the guides in the support section of each product page.

Regarding the tutorials, you can find them here You have a section where there are tips on how to optimize battery usage on both Windows and Linux, as well as tutorials on how to reinstall the system.

When your order is shipped your purchase invoice will be automatically generated. You can download it by going to:

My account > Invoices, choose an invoice and click on download.

The data of the company or person to whom the invoice is addressed, is entered by the customer when creating the order, in the "Invoicing data" section. These data can be different from those indicated in "Shipping address".

If your Slimbook has a fault under warranty, you must contact our SAT through the contact form in support. You don't need to register your product, you are already in our system for having purchased directly from us

If your device is out of warranty, you can request an approximated repair invoice, at any time.

Yes, of course you can. If you want to create a flash drive for this purpose and don't know how, read this:

- How to create a bootable USB for Windows installation
(from Windows)

- How to create a bootable USB to install Ubuntu or Linux
(from Windows)

- UNetbootin: instalation of GNU/Linux distributions from USB flash drive
(from Linux)

Well easy, with F2 you access the BIOS in our laptops and with SUPR for the desktop versions.

If you have any problems to access you can contact support