GNU/Linux or Windows?

Your choice

SLIMBOOK TEAM consists of Linux sysadmins and OpenSource developers, who after over 10 years of experience in the sector, in 2015, launched to the market something that wasn't an option at the time, high quality ultrabooks at a reasonable price..

"The community is the best about GNU/Linux"
- Alejandro López, commercial director.

As Linux users, it wasn't right to launch our own GNU/Linux laptops brand without creating a community.

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Who dared to sell Linux without being Linux? Well, all the other brands that market their products without supporting the community.

So, we launched our first computer along with our forum and tutorial section (updated every week). Over the years, we have continued to build a strong community, making periodic donations to various free projects, collaborating with Linux websites and blogs, sponsoring community events, and even participating in important projects of free software organizations.
Our most notable collaboration is with the KDE Desktop, for which we released a special edition of our flagship computer: KDE SLIMBOOK.

"GNU/Linux is freedom of choice"
- Raúl Martín, CTO.

Our computers come with a wide range of penguin operating systems, and we constantly work to expand the list of free operating systems. If you need to use Microsoft Windows for work or preference, don't worry. We provide full compatibility with the Microsoft operating system, along with the corresponding drivers to ensure optimal performance. You can even request a "Dual Boot" when purchasing your computer to have multiple operating systems installed.
In the following table of supported operating systems in GNU/Linux, you will find a list of compatibilities tested by our technical service, available when purchasing the computer, and the community test list.
But we don't stop there. In our philosophy of giving users freedom of choice, we allow more customization of our laptops than other brands. We let you choose components such as the type of screen, resolution, external color, disk speed, etc. Although this generates more work and logistics for us, it's a pleasure to offer you these options.

More GNU/Linux?

Moreover, we develop applications to make the configuration of your SLIMBOOK easier; however, please note that they are also compatible with various laptops from other brands.

If you want more information on how to install or use them, you can go here: Our Applications.

And, of course, you can find us on other websites with our open-source projects.

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